Stone Circle Lodge & Museum

A perfect half way stop to the Kruger Park from Gauteng.

Health – Wellness – Meditation – By the Elands River

Conscious accommodation and recreation for conscious travellers.

Come spend a few relaxing days in the quiet town of Waterval Boven, in the mountains of Mpumalanga province, South Africa. Enjoy the wide-open spaces around us. Discover the ancient vanished civilisations and the true cradle of humankind. Take one of our many tours to the ancient ruins, explore the Stone Circle Museum with some of the most unique and priceless artefacts on Earth, that showcase the evidence of an advanced ancient civilisation that thrived here over 200,000 years ago.

Relax in the library by the fireplace, or laze in the sun and have a picnic by the river. Breakfast on the balcony and drinks by the river.

Discover the secret healing properties of many of the Stone Circle Ruins – then experience the tranquil healing of these ancient sites. Many people have experienced all kinds of healing, from various physical problems and diseases.


We have stylish stone cottages with queen beds and on-suite shower – Beautiful comfortable rooms in the very spacious guest house, with full kitchen and relaxing area. Two of these rooms have on-suite bathrooms. We can accommodate backpackers or larger groups in two dorms that sleep six each.

All in the company of well-travelled, well informed, and conscious owners. Sundowners on the river deck and breath-taking bike & hiking trails – explore the spectacular mountains & valleys. Cool of in the streams and waterfalls while rediscovering our ancient past.

We host group tours; intimate small conferences; Spiritual groups and mediation; Dowsing training; and all kinds of activities that stimulate the mind and soul.

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PS: This venue is the creation and home base of South African author, scientist and explorer Michael Tellinger.

Discover the largest cluster of Ancient Stone Ruins on Earth and vanished civilisations of Southern Africa.

Left behind by a vanished civilisation more than 200,000 years ago.

With scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author Michael Tellinger

Walk amongst the ancient ruins


View a large collection of mysterious tools & artefacts, the Cone-shaped tools and Torus stones, in the Stone Circle Museum.


See fossils of humanoids, dinosaurs and even giants that once walked this part of the world.


Visit Adam’s Calendar – the oldest working Sun Calendar on Earth


Marvel at the Giant Footprint that leaves people speechless


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The perfect half-way stop to the Kruger Park

The Ancient Ruins and Stone Circle Museum, in the town of Waterval Boven (now called Emgwenya), Mpumalanga, is the perfect half-way stop on the way to The Kruger Park. It lies in the heart of millions of ancient stone ruins that cover large parts of southern Africa, dating back over 200,000 years. For those interested in places like Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramids, Machu Pichu – The Ancient Ruins of South Africa will complete your journey and take you closer to the TRUE Cradle of Humankind than ever before.

Stone Circle Tours & Museum, have been active since 2008.


View a large collection of mysterious tools & artefacts, the Cone-shaped tools and Torus stones, in the Stone Circle Museum.

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Join us on a Tour or get one custom-made for you! Driving or Hiking.

  • Stone Circle Ruins
  • Ancient Terraces & Channels
  • Stone Circle Museum
  • Ancient Tools and Artefacts
  • Ancient Advanced Technology
  • Adams Calendar
  • The Giant Footprint
  • Fossils of Extinct Creatures, Dinosaurs and Giants

…and many more sites for the adventurous!

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